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Odessa Hibler Phinney

Nearly from birth her nickname was Toots. Only her parents and grandparents called her Odessa.

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This website contains genealogical and biographical information on many of my ancestors. Countless adventures, hard times, happy times, wartimes and everyday life have happened to all these people. Some of the these stories have been passed down and research has proven or disproved others. More than 40 years research has been put into this project. Some lines have just abruptly ended while others go on for hundreds of years. You can register for a free account by going here.

Thus for I have 7 DAR patriots with several more pending. 1 that has been proven for United Daughters of 1812 with more pending. 7 ancestors proven for National Society of Sons and Daughters of Pilgrims with more pending. 1 ancestor proven for Colonial Daughters of the 17th century with more pending. 1 ancestor proven for Continental Society Daughters of Indian Wars with more pending.

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W.A. Ribble family ca 1906

Standing l to r: Horace, Fatine in Zuma's arms, Zuma, Ida, Eddie with Amiee B, Ora Ribble Jaragin, Will Jarnagin holding Sue (she died short time after photo made), Carnace standing in front of Will. Seated l to r: Della, Carson (N. C.), W.A., H.L., Nannie Kutch Ribble, Josie.